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Programs - Congregational Life

Children and Youth Classes


Sunday Mornings 9:00 - 10:00 a.m.

Children’s Education

Nursery and Grade School Classes
Newborn to age five
are welcome in our nursery on the main floor. It provides a loving ministry to children (birth through 5 years old) and is available during both the Sunday School hour (9-10am) and through the church hour (10:30-11:30 am). Our wonderful staff, Angela Jones & Katie Jones-Morales, provides stories, crafts, snacks and supervised play. During the worship service, children from the nursery join older children who are participating in worship during "Time with Young Christians” which focuses (in children’s language) on the theme from the sermon.

Sunday School For Elementary Ages: 
Children’s Ministries Update
In our previous update regarding children’s ministries, we announced that we were taking a temporary step back to regroup. In the short term, this means that children’s Sunday school and children’s church (Jr. Church) will remain on hiatus while we figure out how to best meet the needs of our children, our families, and our volunteers. However, we want you to know that our new education task force is forming and preliminary discussions about how to best make our children’s ministries work have already begun. In the meantime, we continue to ask for your support and your prayers, and encourage you to share your hopes, thoughts, concerns, or any other ideas regarding children’s ministries with Pastor Clint or our education coordinator, Yuki Schwartz ( We are excited about the ministry we believe God has in store for us and our kids!

Pastor Debbie Teaching her class


MAIN FLOOR LIBRARY:  Jr. Church is a 15 minute lesson that takes place during worship time. The kids leave after the choir anthem and return at communion. This allows children to take communion with the rest of the congregation. (See article above for an update on Children's education.) 


Adult Studies

Adult Education - Bible Studies
Sunday Mornings

9:00 - 10:00 am

"Paul’s Prison Letters" Taught by Janis Castle in the Coffee House. We continue in our study of Paul’s letter written while he was in prison: Philemon, 1 Timothy, Titus, and 2 Timothy using a very thought guide by Christopher R. Smith.

It will give us all a deeper and more personal understanding of what God was doing among the
early communities of Jesus' followers and how their experiences can impact us today. You'll witness the dramatic story unfold of how—despite his imprisonments—Paul continued to be active in spreading the gospel, guiding and directing the work of local churches, and explaining to the wider world who Jesus is and what he has done. More than all of that, you learn more about yourself and how you fit into God’s plans for His people. 

Adult Study: 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. in the Church Library
The Book of Acts: Taught by Dean Reeder

Thursday Women's Bible Study
10:00 am Church Library

A Bible Study led by Eleanor Ogg
This group meets September through May and study 
various topics throughout the year. 


Seasons and Colors of the Christian Year

The rhythm of the church year is enhanced by the melody of the lectionary which establishes a pattern of scriptures for the seasons. The year is set apart in these seasons which celebrate the life of Christ to inform, guide, and challenge our daily living.

The year begins with Advent - four Sundays leading up to Christmas Day and Christmas. The color of the season is purple or royal blue which changes to white and gold on Christmas.

The twelve days following Christmas are the Christmas season celebrating the birth of Jesus to the arrival of the magi (kings) at the feast of the Epiphany (January 6). White and gold suggest joy and glory. The word epiphany means "manifestation of light."

From Epiphany until the beginning of Lent is the Season after Epiphany or Ordinary Time. The color green for growth and new life serves as a backdrop for stories of the call of the disciples and prophets and of the beginning of Jesus' ministry. We are reminded by God is with us in the ordinary seasons of our life.

Lent consists of the 40 days - not including Sundays before Easter. Lent is one of the oldest observances in the church's history. The 40 days of Lent compare to the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness prior to his ministry. Over time, this period of fasting and reflection prior to Easter is common to many Christians. Purple supports a mood of penitence, or self examination. Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, invites us to prepare for a season of reflection which can take many forms. During the final week, Holy Week we remember the events of Jesus' last events of his life.

Easter celebrates the joy of Christ's resurrection. This joyous season lasts for 50 days, celebrating that Christ is risen, the powers of evil, fear, and death and destruction do no have the final word. The season reaches a wonderful conclusion with the feast of Pentecost, celebrating the presence of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the church. Traditionally bright reds, and oranges light up this day.

After Pentecost we return to Ordinary Time - the Season after Pentecost. It generally covers about half the year, taking us back to Advent where the cycle begins again. In this lengthy season, we remember again the presence of God with us in everyday breathing in and breathing out of each morning and evening. The color is green.